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duesPlus was formed by Landry A. Johnson. After serving as President, Treasurer, and  as a Director of several non-profits and a Home Owners’ Association He saw an area of improvement for organization bookkeeping and handling member data.

Leveraging a career as a software developer and a degree in accounting, He endeavored to create duesPlus.com to service the needs of membership organizations that need to automate the bookkeeping aspects or the organization, manage membership data, and allow members to manage their member profiles and pay their dues.

  • Organizational bookkeeping has usually been maintained using manual spreadsheets or advanced accounting software that is beyond the needs of most organizations.  duesPlusis here to fill that need and automate the most mundane bookkeeping tasks for your organization..
  • Giving organizations and associations the ability to manage their memberships easily will always be the driving goal behind duesPlus.com.


Convert all organizations’ manual tasks to an automated electronic format.


To create a technology product that will become the standard for organizations to maintain financial transactions, member data, voting, and meeting records.


duesPlus has worked closely with different types of organizations and associations to ensure that it fills the void in regards to automating mundane tasks.

  • How many members are in your organization?
  • Are the dues paid?
  • Pay in installments?
  • Electronic Receipts?
  • Is  the Financial Information available on Demand?
  • Do you use a system of spreadsheets to keep track of member information?
  • Are committee reports available for past meetings?
  • Are expense approvals still being handled via e-mail or snail mail?

These are just but a few of the questions duesPlus attempts to answer and address.

Organization Management and Bookkeeping made easy.

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