Frequently Asked Questions

No!  Users can be added individually or via the Import Members option on the Members tab.  This option allows you to imports hundreds or thousands or members at once.


Funding accounts are any type of account the organization uses to conduct financial transactions.   Organizations used to only have checking or savings accounts.  Nowadays, they can have many different types of accounts:  PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, Investment/Brokerage , etc.  duesPlus brings visibility to every account in one system and on one report.

Please verify with your organization administrator that you are using the email used for registration and that you have rights to the organization you should be a member of.
The real question should be, "Why Not?"  What organization doesn't want openness and visibility into their financial records?  Even those that aren't financially savvy can follow the duesPlus report to ensure no malfeasance occurs.
DuesTracker is an accounting system and not just a register. It has to maintain the integrity of the system for maintaining the balance and accounting reasons.  As a result, some transactions can be cancelled; but few can be deleted.

Send Receipt allows the Financial Secretary/Treasurer  to simultaneously record a deposit and credit a member.  A user is sent an electronic receipt acknowledging the payment. This transaction is credited to the selected account and to the member.