Member Management

How do we do it? membership management software makes handling member data efficient.


If there is a question related to your membership data, the answer should only be a few clicks away.

  • How many members are in our organization?
  • Can I export member data?
  • Can I view the transactions and receipts for a specific user?
  • What users are current and active?

2 always simplify processes related to users:

  • Allows user to initiate an electronic reimbursement request
  • Send electronic invoices and allow payment on the site
  • Send an electronic receipt when cash or funds are paid by a member outside of duesPlus


Membership transactions are easy within the system.

  • Send invoice to users directly from duesPlus
  • Allow users to pay dues in installments to ease burden
  • All users are able to view their account history

All of the above transactions can be automatically attached and assigned to the financial accounts of the organization.  No more duplicate efforts and definitely no more spreadsheets.