Organization Bookkeeping

Organization Bookkeeping was design first and foremost with the treasurer and bookkeeper of the organization in mind.  In many organizations, the treasurer or accountant is responsible for creating the monthly or quarterly financial report.  The methods used to generate these reports are manual and not easily reportable or viewable by other members of the organization.  duesPlus solves this by allowing administrative users to generate an on-demand  Financial Report.  duesPlus  generates a treasurer’s report that allows organizations to view monthly statements over a two-year period.  For an additional fee, this  archive period can be extended up to a period of 7-years.

Bookkeeping Features

  • Create transactions
  • Upload supporting documentation (e.g. receipts and invoices)
  • Electronic Reimbursement Request
  • Assign transactions to defined budget category

Financial Reports

  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Member Transaction Report
  • Category Transaction Report
  • Account Transaction Report (e.g. Checking, Paypal, CashApp)